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❓ What’s your first memorable CRM success story?

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Let's break the ice πŸ‘ŠπŸ§ŠπŸ˜‚

Rewinding to 2010, one of my first memorable CRM successes unfolded while I was a Marketing Analyst at an American B2B industrial conglomerate. Back then, our communications and campaigns with U.S. distribution partners were managed directly through Outlookβ€”without any tracking, deliverability metrics, or insights into the performance of each communication. Initially, my responsibilities were confined to the Brazilian market, but soon expanded to include the U.S. and Italy, with additional support to other countries. This expansion was both thrilling and challenging.

The pivotal moment came when I was tasked with structuring channel marketing communications for our U.S. partners, introducing a more robust system: rollout the email marketing tool I was using in Brazil to the U.S.. My journey with email marketing began 1 year before, in 2009, starting with a basic and low-profile approach using a tool from Locaweb, and after a year, I transitioned to ExactTarget, now known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It was my first interaction with SFMC and marked the beginning of my fragmented journey with Salesforce.

Having successfully managed email marketing in Brazil, I was excited to take on the U.S. market. Although it was a basic implementationβ€”when I look back todayβ€”the move marked a significant leap in managing communications at a larger scale. For the first time, I had visibility over deliverability and campaign performance in another country. Despite CRM Marketing constituting less than 20% of my role at that time, the scope and impact of these efforts were profound. Looking back, I wasn’t very technical, but my creative curiosity always drove me to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.