How to contribute? 🧑‍🌾

We are excited to welcome passionate and dedicated individuals to join our community as volunteers.

As a volunteer, you'll be instrumental in shaping and nurturing our vibrant community. 

Whether you're moderating our forums, reviewing and localizing content, creating engaging articles, or producing educational materials, your contributions will make a huge difference. Together, we can build a collaborative, supportive, and enriching environment where everyone thrives. 

Join us on this exciting journey and be part of something truly special!

Our volunteering roles

Volunteering with us isn't just about giving back; it's also an opportunity for you to grow and learn. You'll have the chance to develop new skills, connect with like-minded people, and make lasting friendships. Your unique talents and perspectives will help us create a more inclusive and dynamic community. We're looking forward to seeing the positive impact we can make together! 

In addition to personal growth, volunteering is a fantastic way to gain hands-on experience and enhance your professional portfolio. By working closely with our team and other community members, you'll develop practical skills and insights that can benefit you in various aspects of your career. We value and appreciate every effort, knowing that each contribution brings us closer to our shared goals. Let's work together to build something amazing!

The Moderator

  • Oversee forum activities and enforce community guidelines.
  • Mediate conflicts and ensure a positive environment.
  • Assist users with technical issues and inquiries.

The Editor

  • Review and edit content for accuracy, clarity, and engagement.
  • Localize content for different markets considering cultural nuances.
  • Collaborate with writers and marketing teams.

The Writer

  • Create engaging articles and co-author papers for blogs.
  • Conduct research to ensure content is informative and accurate.
  • Collaborate with the editor and other team members for feedback.

The Multiplier

  • Develop and structure written and video content for online courses.
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy.
  • Manage the production process from scripting to final editing.

Important: The CRM Farm Project is an open community and free of cost for all, and all work being done here is done and maintained by volunteers.
We also welcome sponsors to help our content and mission reach more people, free of cost. Please get in touch if you have any questions.